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Everyone loves an Assembly Story.

Now members can download our Assembly Story Book absolutely free of charge. 50 great Assembly Stories to have handy for whenever you might need a good story. Why not keep a copy on your PC, mobile phone or tablet, ready for that last minute Assembly.

Do you like reading an Assembly Story?

How about getting a FREE Assembly Story Book?

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Assembly Story Book Free

Get this FREE Assembly Story Book now.

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Get it now and always have an Assembly Story handy, ready for those unexpected moments. This is a free service for all our AssemblyTube users. No catches. 100% FREE. The Assembly Story Book from AssemblyTube is a collection of the stories on AssemblyTube in one pdf document. There are 50 stories. The contents page has links to each story making it easy to find the story you want to use.

Having the stories in one document means you can take the stories with you without needing internet access. The stories can be viewed on any device that reads pdf files. (This means practically every device.)

If you don’t want it for FREE you can buy it here instead.

What’s Inside the Assembly Story Book?

A Collection of 50 Assembly Stories with a Teaching Point.

Acceptance – The Slow Puppy
Ageing – The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson, by Leo Tolstoy
Anger and Love – Two Wolves
Appreciation – The Contented Fisherman
Attitude – What Type of Person are You?
Blessings – The Most Precious Gift
Big Picture – Blind Men and the Elephant

and many more.

If you want to review all the content before getting the free download, take a look above and see inside the book. It’s a great free resource for all Assembly Leaders. Why not download it now. You never know when it might come in handy.

Other Assembly Stories

If you want even more Assembly Stories, why not visit the Assembly Stories Section of AssemblyTube. There are lots of Assembly Stories here and even some Assembly Plays. They are all free to AssemblyTube users.

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