Assembly Video on Phones

Assembly Video on Phones Means Video Anywhere

Here is how to copy an Assembly Video from your PC/Mac to your iPhone/iPad

assembly video on phones

On your PC

Download the Assembly Video you want, onto your PC. You can do this any way you like. An easy, and fast way to download videos, is using our TubeSaver software. (Free for Club Members)
If you wish you can then play this video on your PC/Mac straight away to check it. We recommend free VLC Software which will play virtually any type of video file format. Download the correct version of VLC for your computer (Windows, or Mac). Once the video is on your PC/Mac, COPY the video to your iPhone or iPad. You need the free VLC APP on your iPhone/iPad to do the copying. (See below on how to get it.)

On your iPhone or iPad

Download the free VLC app from the app store onto your iPhone or iPad. After you have installed the VLC app on your iPhone or iPad open the app. Within the app, tap on the button located on the top left side of your screen. A menu will appear. Now from the menu look for the ‘WiFi Upload’ option and turn it on. Right below this option you will see an IP address that would be something like
This is the address you will have to enter in your computer’s web browser (e.g Chrome, IE9, etc) in order to make the transfers. Make sure you type the address you see exactly.

On your PC

Enter the address into the address bar and you will see a webpage that will look similar to the image below. There you will find the “+” button. Click on the “+”.


Browse your computer and select the file you want to upload. Once you click on the file it will be transferred to your iPhone/iPad. That’s it! You can now play the video file from the VLC app on your iPhone or iPad. You can take the video anywhere because it is on your iPhone/iPad.

Tip: Use Air Server to show videos from your phone on the big screen. Here’s how to do that.