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AssemblyTube App Review

Review of AssemblyTube App on Google Play Store.

5 Stars *****

Great for Planning School Assemblies wherever you are.


AssemblyTube App

This AssemblyTube App at the Google Play Store is great for planning and preparing for your next Assembly. I have used it on my Galaxy S3 phone and my Galaxy Tab 3 tablet.

It gives you access to hundreds of Assembly ideas and works quickly. It does not require any special permissions so you are not giving away any private data.

To get the best out of this app I would recommend using it with the Dolphin Browser which is available free from the Google Play Store.

This is because AssemblyTube uses lots of videos and many phone or tablet browsers find it difficult to play embedded video. The Dolphin Browser can play all of the videos in AssemblyTube so is a brilliant browser to use in tandem with this app.


My final tip would be to use the FREE “Default App Manager” from Google Play Store, and set Dolphin Browser as your default browser.

With AssemblyTube and the Dolphin browser as your default browser on your Android phone, you have all you need to prepare great Assemblies.

If you have not tried AssemblyTube before then try it as there are hundreds of free Assembly ideas. You can access AssemblyTube via your desktop but this app now lets you access it easily from your mobile.

Highly recommended for Assembly Leaders.

You can download the AssemblyTube App for free HERE

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