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    AssemblyTube was created by teachers with 20+ years' experience of delivering school assemblies, to help teachers find relevant material for assemblies, primarily in the form of video. AssemblyTube is free to use because we want to encourage the sharing of ideas.
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AssemblyTube SafeShare Makes Safe Videos

Does AssemblyTube SafeShare Make a Difference?

We have found that using AssemblyTube SafeShare makes a massive difference. To show this we have taken a still from a video firstly without using SafeShare and then with using SafeShare. (Click the images to see the actual videos.)

This is the standard YouTube view. Notice the adverts scattered on the image.

Standard YouTube

This is the same video using SafeShare. No adverts at all.

Using AssemblyTube SafeShare

Which do you prefer?

Check out SafeShare for yourself, now.

Here’s a demonstration of SafeShare being used.

SafeShare removes unwanted distractions so that they can be viewed safely without the hassle of first having to download and convert YouTube videos to get rid of nuisances such as annotations and related videos. Instead, you simply copy/paste the URL of the online video into SafeShare which will generate a SafeView containing only the video and some basic controls. Our advice is to use AssemblyTube SafeShare when you next use a video in School Assembly.