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British Values Assemblies – OFSTED Outstanding

British Values Assemblies can get you “One Step Ahead of OFSTED”

British Values Assemblies

You can demonstrate delivery of British Values in your school by developing British Values Assemblies using our Values Assemblies materials. Download our Values Grid and Values Calendar now and create your plan for the delivery of British Values, before OFSTED appear.

Why You Need to be Proactive

Almost a dozen schools – including many in rural areas – have been criticised for failing to prepare pupils for “life in Britain” following a series of snap inspections by Ofsted. The education regulator found 11 state schools were leaving pupils at risk of marginalisation after refusing to give them access to a “broad and balanced” curriculum. In a series of reports, it was claimed that schools were failing to promote understanding of various faiths or “tolerance of communities different to their own”. Those criticised included schools in Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Hampshire and Kent.

Example Problems

A school in Wiltshire did “not go far enough in making pupils aware of the rich diversity of life in modern Britain”, said Ofsted.

One in Kent with a predominately white intake was failing ensure “people’s differences are sufficiently valued and respected”.

Here’s where you can read the latest reports from OFSTED which comment on British Values.

How to Avoid Criticism From OFSTED

The DfE has defined what is meant by British Values so at least we know what OFSTED will be looking for.

You can demonstrate delivery of British Values in your school by using our Values Assemblies.

Don’t Get Caught Out

You know you run a good school but are you demonstrating that you are achieving all of OFSTED.s criteria? Use our free materials to record when you delivered key concepts in Assembly, and show a clear plan for the year ahead with our Values Calendar. Not only will you have a great Assembly Programme, but you will be able to demonstrate delivery of British Values, whenever OFSTED come knocking.