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Archive For: Assembly Ideas

Assembly Story Book Free

Everyone loves an Assembly Story. Now you can download our Assembly Story Book absolutely free of charge. 50 great Assembly Stories to have handy for whenever you might need a good story. Why not keep a copy on your PC, mobile phone or tablet, ready for that last minute Assembly. Do you like reading an ... Read More

Values Assemblies Anywhere

Taking Your Values Assemblies With You AssemblyTube has hundreds of Values Assemblies Ideas. But it’s no good having these ideas if they are not with you when you need them. Neither is it any good if you have your Assembly materials but you don’t have a way of presenting them to your Assembly audience. Is ... Read More

British Values Assemblies – OFSTED Outstanding

British Values Assemblies can get you “One Step Ahead of OFSTED” You can demonstrate delivery of British Values in your school by developing British Values Assemblies using our Values Assemblies¬†materials. Download our Values Grid and Values Calendar now and create your plan for the delivery of British Values, before OFSTED appear. Why You Need to ... Read More

Values Assemblies

Click a button below for hundreds of free Values Assembly Ideas Red button indicates as well as lots of ideas, there is a full PowerPoint Assembly available further down this page. Appreciation Compassion Courage Faiths Honesty Learning Peace Respect Teamwork Understanding Bullying Consideration Creativity Freedom Hope Love Perseverance Responsibility Thoughtfulness ... Read More

Assembly New Year – Resolutions for Kids

It’s your Assembly New Year. Here are 10 common New Year Resolutions chosen for children by adults. (Really looking for New Year Resolution Videos – Try These)   Eat healthier¬†– try to eat five fruits and vegetables each day and drink no sugary drinks. Get active¬†– spend less than two hours each day in front ... Read More

New Year Resolutions

Many people like to make New Year Resolutions. The following videos have different takes on setting resolutions. The first videos are for younger students, and they appeal to older students as you go down the page. It is interesting to ask your assembly audience if they are making resolutions and ... Read More