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Last Minute School Assembly – Don’t Panic!

Ever Have to Create That Last Minute School Assembly? A last minute school assembly can be the result of several things. A colleague who was due to take assembly may have called in sick, or you may have made a mistake with the assembly rota. Whatever the cause, this needs ... Read More

School Assembly PowerPoint Video Tips

Want to improve your school assembly PowerPoint Presentations? These videos can help. Click a video to play it. Take a look at our Top Assembly Videos.

PowerPoints For Club Members

GET ONE OF THESE POWERPOINTS HOW TO GET ALL THESE POWERPOINTS CLUB MEMBERS DOWNLOAD HERE Click a video to play it. Club Members can download every PowerPoint HERE Subscribe to my channel« Prev1 / 6Next »William Shakespeare - School Assembly PresentationSt Patrick - School Assembly PresentationCaptain Sir Tom Moore - School ... Read More

PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial

You use PowerPoint to create presentations for your Assembly, but you are not quite sure about some of the finer details of the program. We have the solution here. Watch the complete video or use the chapter links below it to find something quickly. 00:70 Welcome to PowerPoint 2016 01:00 ... Read More

Fixing Links in AssemblyTube Downloads

If you have a problem with links not working in your AssemblyTube PowerPoint download, this may be caused by an incompatibility between your version of PowerPoint and the version of PowerPoint we used to create the presentation. More information on this. Resolving Your Problem To help you resolve this problem ... Read More

PowerPoint Hyperlink Problems

Got problems with an AssemblyTube Presentation not linking to a video? Often this is caused by a combination of your version of PowerPoint, your browser version, and your version of Windows. This video is to help you get to the bottom of your particular problem. If the ideas in the ... Read More

Links to Videos Not Working

If you have one of our Assembly downloads and the links to videos don’t seem to be working, this is almost certainly caused by you not having access to YouTube from the computer you are using. Check this by trying to access YouTube directly. If you cannot access YouTube from ... Read More

Customising Your Assembly Presentation

Want a Different Look? You may have purchased one of our AssemblyTube Presentations but would like a different look. We make our presentations in a generic style but this might not suit you or your school. If you have several of our presentations you might want to make each have ... Read More