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    AssemblyTube was created by teachers with 20+ years' experience of delivering school assemblies, to help teachers find relevant material for assemblies, primarily in the form of video. AssemblyTube is free to use because we want to encourage the sharing of ideas.
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Archive For: Videos

Fix Assembly Video Problems

Assembly video problems can make you want to pull your hair out. How often have you been all ready to deliver that great Assembly, feeling well prepared, when suddenly you are beset by technical issues related to showing that Assembly Video. That very video that you had so carefully researched ... Read More

Safe Assembly Video is Ad-Free

We all want to show Safe Assembly Video. When you show video in Assembly you don’t want adverts popping up. You have no idea what those adverts might be. Better to have Safe Assembly Video with AssemblyTube SafeShare. Show videos in Assembly without students having to see unwanted adverts. You can never be sure what ... Read More

AssemblyTube SafeShare Makes Safe Videos

Does AssemblyTube SafeShare Make a Difference? We have found that using AssemblyTube SafeShare makes a massive difference. To show this we have taken a still from a video firstly without using SafeShare and then with using SafeShare. (Click the images to see the actual videos.) This is the standard YouTube view. Notice the adverts scattered ... Read More

Assembly PowerPoint Photos Popout

How to Make 3D Pop-out Photos in PowerPoint Want to make your Assembly Powerpoint Presentation that bit special? This technique makes your images literally jump out of the screen (well sort of). Your audience will be wondering, “How did she do that?”. Give it a try. It is quite easy ... Read More

Assembly Video Problems Solved

Are You Suffering from Assembly Video Problems? There are many things that can go wrong when trying to show video in Assembly. Internet connectivity issues. Wrong software on the computer. Wrong video file type. Here is a solution to all of these problems. An experienced Assembly Leader said the following. ... Read More

Avoiding Boring Assemblies

Do students look bored in your Assemblies? You have spent a long time thinking about your Assembly content. How can you make it easier to get your message over to your students? After all, they are used to information coming to them in visually stimulating ways. AssemblyTube can help you. ... Read More

Assembly Powerpoint Transitions

Add and modify PowerPoint transitions. Also automate a slideshow! Not sure how to go from one Powerpoint slide to the next in a professional manner? This video shows you how to do it.

Assembly Powerpoint Tips

Ready to take your PowerPoint Presentations skills to the next Level? These 3 technical tips will make your Presentations run much more smoothly! 1) How to start a presentation without opening the file 2) How to go to a black screen or white screen 3) How to navigate to any slide while in the ... Read More