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Archive For: Videos

Avoiding Boring Assemblies

Do students look bored in your Assemblies? You have spent a long time thinking about your Assembly content. How can you make it easier to get your message over to your students? After all, they are used to information coming to them in visually stimulating ways. AssemblyTube can help you. ... Read More

Assembly Powerpoint Transitions

Add and modify PowerPoint transitions. Also automate a slideshow! Not sure how to go from one Powerpoint slide to the next in a professional manner? This video shows you how to do it.

Assembly Powerpoint Tips

Ready to take your PowerPoint Presentations skills to the next Level? These 3 technical tips will make your Presentations run much more smoothly! 1) How to start a presentation without opening the file 2) How to go to a black screen or white screen 3) How to navigate to any slide while in the ... Read More

Quietube – YouTube without the Distractions

If you are using YouTube on-line, there are sometimes distractions around the video that you do not always want to see. This is especially true when you are showing videos to students. Quietube is YouTube without the distractions. Here’s a quick tutorial. An alternative to using Quietube is to download ... Read More

Download Vimeo Videos

Want to Download Vimeo Videos? TubeSaver lets you download YouTube Videos and works really well. But what do you do with videos stored on Vimeo? Sometimes you can find the Vimeo video on YouTube as well and so can use AssemblyTube TubeSaver. Sometimes a video is only found on Vimeo, ... Read More
Featured Assemblies

Featured Assemblies

Here are some videos from the AssemblyTube Database. CLICK HERE for tips on Using the AssemblyTube Database. Simple Act of Kindness The Power of Words Siro-A Pachelbel Canon in D Kindness Chain Pay it Forward The Pig of Happiness Famous Failures The Monkey Business Illusion Ambition - The Lion King

The Power of a Video Assembly

Grab attention, and capture the imagination! Your students live in a world of rich video. Bring that experience to your assembly. Try a video assembly.