Downloads – If Something Goes Wrong

When you purchase a download from the AssemblyTube website, you will get an email with a link. When you click on this link, the items you have ordered will download onto your computer.

Occasionally users find that they have not seen an email. If this happens the email has most likely gone into your spam folder, so please look there first if you don’t seem to have received an email following your purchase.

If the missing email is not in your spam folder, the most likely thing to have happened is that your email account is blocking delivery of emails from AssemblyTube. Please let us know about any problems by using the “Contact Us” button in the top menu.

If your email account is blocking messages from AssemblyTube you may need to provide us with an alternative email address to contact you on, as if we reply to you, that message will also be blocked, and you won’t know that we have replied.

Normally everything goes smoothly, but we know how annoying it is if something goes wrong.