A Collection of 50 Assembly Stories with a Teaching Point.
Especially designed for your mobile phone.
Keep a copy on your Phone or Tablet.
Ideal for every day Assembly use or for those last minute unexpected Assemblies.
Look Inside.
Acceptance – The Slow Puppy
Ageing – The Old Grandfather and His Little Grandson, by Leo Tolstoy
Anger and Love – Two Wolves
Appreciation – The Contented Fisherman
Attitude – What Type of Person are You?
Blessings – The Most Precious Gift
Big Picture – Blind Men and the Elephant
and many more.
This AssemblyTube Story Book is in the epub format which makes it ideal for mobile phones and tablets.
Download directly to your iPhone or iPad, or Android based phone or tablet.
Then use your ebook reader software to read the book comfortably.

Recommended Ebook Reader Software

On the iPhone/iPad we recommend the iBooks software that comes free with your device. On Android we recommend the Aldiko app available free from the Google Play Store.
Any ebook reader software should work provided it is capable of reading epub files.