Fixing Links in AssemblyTube Downloads

broken links

If you have a problem with links not working in your AssemblyTube PowerPoint download, this may be caused by an incompatibility between your version of PowerPoint and the version of PowerPoint we used to create the presentation. More information on this.

Resolving Your Problem

To help you resolve this problem we plan to list each of our downloads with the hyperlinks that are used within it. You can then check whether the hyperlinks actually work on your system outside of PowerPoint. If they do you might want to copy them into your copy of the presentation to see if you can restore full functionality.

Your Particular Download

Select the title of your downloaded AssemblyTube PowerPoint below, to see the hyperlinks used. Then copy one of the hyperlinks to your browser address bar to see if is is working for you. If your download is not listed below, please use the Contact Us form at the top of this page and let us know so that we can add it.

List of hyperlinks used!!/msg324/#msg324

Let us know if you need hyperlinks for a presentation not listed here. Send Sara a direct message from your account in the AssemblyTube database.