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Anger - Script

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Anger - Script
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:01:02 AM »
An assembly focusing on the themes of anger and self control.


Begin by welcoming the young people to the assembly and introducing yourself and any team present. Say that we will begin the assembly by doing the 'Anger Scale.'

The Anger Scale

Ask the group what makes them angry? Invite four or five volunteers up to the front for this short activity.

Label one side of the room 0 (not bothered!) and the other 10 (really makes me angry.)

Give volunteers signs with the following written on and they have to stand in the place they feel is right for how that situation makes them feel. You could ask other pupils for help.

1. Seeing your football team lose.
2. Being given extra maths homework.
3. Seeing someone being bullied.
4. When you friend chooses your favourite sweet and you are left with a caramel.
5. Watching pictures of people on TV who are really poor/suffering with war etc.
6. Being told off when it is not your fault.

Explain that sometimes it is okay to be angry like when you see someone being bullied but anger is wrong if you don't deal with it in the right way.

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