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Values Assembly - Co-operation: Stronger Together

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Values Assembly - Co-operation: Stronger Together
« on: May 28, 2014, 11:53:03 AM »
Theme of this assembly is about the strength of cooperation.

1. As children enter show a picture of the story 'The Enormous Pumpkin' - example attached. Ask the children to run through the story in their heads as they wait. You will be offering them a challenge in a moment.....

2. Choose 5 children and challenge them to re-tell the story (or at least part of it..) one word at a time. Ask the children to describe what the group are doing to establish the value this month of cooperation.

3. Discuss why it is important to cooperate. Perhaps illustrate with asking children to tear on sheet of paper and then an old phone book. Alternatively try it with a single art straw then a bundle. Establish the key message that "together we can be stronger".

4. You can then use a number of stories to illustrate this point including: the folk tale of the Quails  ( ). Depending on the version you use this either illustrates the power of co-operation or the damage caused by arguing...

5. There is a modern version of this story in Finding Nemo where Nemo saves the fish in the net by encouraging them to swim together. You can use this video clip:

6. Reflection: Start with eyes closed and hands apart - think of the tasks you carry out alone. Then join hands together and remember the power that cooperating with others can bring.

7. So What?: Putting the value in action...: "Working together we can achieve great things.." Commit to cooperating with a friend or friends this week!

Hope this is useful! Let me know if you use it.

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Co-operation Stronger Together
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