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Values Assembly - Friendship: Woody & Buzz

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Values Assembly - Friendship: Woody & Buzz
« on: March 28, 2014, 09:43:50 AM »
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Another in a series of assemblies on this month's value: Friendship. Using Woody & Buzz from Toy Story.

1. Display the silhouettes of Woody & Buzz along with the questions: Who is this? Are they friends?

2. Take responses but encourage children to go beyond the simple YES answer. Suggest that the Toy Story Films were written to help us understand something about friendship. Challenge the children to watch the film clips and think like Woody. Suggest that Woody doesn't understand one simple thing about friendship. Can they guess what it is...

3. First Part: Woody and Andy: Woody thinks Andy is his best friend. They do everything together. I used children dressed to represent the characters and illustrated their friendship at that point by linking them with a bungee cord (a good image for friendship).

4. Second Part: Buzz Arrives: What happens to Woody and Andy's Friendship? How do you know from the film? How does Woody feel? Introduce a child dressed to represent Buzz. Ask a child to show where the friendship 'rope' sits now (between Andy & Buzz) - How does Woody feel now?

5. Third Part: Woody & Buzz work together to save the day: How does their relationship change over the film? How have they learned to trust each other? How does this help them reach a happy ending?

6. Think for Woody: What did Woody not understand? What do we need to do with the friendship 'rope'? Do we need to have just one friend or can we share and have many friends. Hopefully children will suggest you need more 'ropes' so that you can join the three friends in a strong triangle.

7. Fourth Part: The friendship: Show the collage of adventures that Woody and Buzz enjoy over the following films now their friendship is strong. Like the cords it stretches at times but the trust between them keeps them together.

8. So what? (putting the value in action): Talk about how destructive the jealousy was between the friends. Pledge to try to avoid jealousy

9. Reflection: On the fingers of one hand count off and visualise 5 different friends: a close family friend / a school friend / a friend from your young days / a friend you've just made and finally (one you can't visualise yet) the next friend you are going to make! Thank God for our Friends!

Friendship - Woody and Buzz
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Re: Friendship (Values Assemblies): Woody & Buzz
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2014, 11:25:55 AM »
Wow! Thanks for producing your own edit of Toy Story clips and sharing them with us, along with your notes. Superb!
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