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Values Assembly - Friendship/Thoughtfulness/Forgiveness: Blame or try again?

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Another friendship assembly linking to our monthly value 'friendship' . Can be linked with Easter story or used independently.

1. Opening question: Have you ever been let down by a friend?

2. Take some responses and then have a look at some/all of this film with 'Douglas the Puppet' talking about forgiveness:

3. Discuss the two situations Douglas was in. When you are let down by a friend you have two options: "Blame" or "Try again". In order to try again you need to be able to forgive. Douglas's friend did this for him but he did not do it for his brother....

(4. To make the Easter link - ask the children to think of examples of Jesus' friends who may have let him down. First response may be Judas but also there may be the suggestion of Peter's denial. You could tell this story or use one of the many clips available on Youtube. Alternatively I used the short film "The Denial" from RElive Easter - these are highly recommended resources: )

5. Prayer/Reflection: Think of your friends and the times they have let you down and you have done the same. In a quiet moment think of how important it is to forgive...

6. So what? (putting the value into action): Challenge the children to "Try forgiveness...."

Friendship - Thoughtfulness
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Thanks Culdrum. Douglas is a great character in the video. I would guess that some of the children start to work out during the video that Douglas is not treating his brother in the same way as he was treated himself by his own friend. Great when that happens.

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