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Happiness - Script

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Happiness - Script
« on: November 21, 2012, 06:27:17 PM »
1 Put up on display as children come in: Happiness is….

2 Today we’re thinking about happiness. What makes you happy? (Get some suggestions from the children, and for every suggestion, drop a ping pong ball into a jar, or a football into a bin. When it’s full, make the point that sometimes we fill our lives up with so many things, that there’s no room for the happiness that God wants to give us. And that’s a very special sort of happiness that will last a lot longer than any of these lovely things in the jar. Jesus was one of the happiest people who’s ever lived. And one day, he told some people some secrets about real happiness.

3 Can you imagine for a minute that I’m a very rich, important religious person who’s decided to go and listen to Jesus. This is what happened to me today:

I thought I would go along to hear this Jesus talking. I had to go up a hill! I mean, I’m far too important to go climbing hills. I’m so rich that I paid some people to carry me in a chair. I made sure they put the chair down near Jesus, but a long way from all those horrible dirty poor people who had come to hear him. They were dreadful. There were even some children in amongst them! Ugh! I tried to keep well away from all those nasty poor people. I didn’t want to get my beautiful clothes dirty. Mind you, I do like looking at people who are miserable! They remind me how happy I am, with my comfortable home and my bags of gold and my nice clothes.

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Happiness Assembly Script

Happiness Assembly Stories
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