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Values Assembly - Honesty: The Power of the Truth

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Values Assembly - Honesty: The Power of the Truth
« on: May 28, 2014, 12:42:19 PM »
The Washington story is recognised to be apocryphal but it illustrates the importance of truth telling nicely.

1. Introduction: Display the introductory question as children arrive: "Have you ever done anything and not owned up?" (see powerpoint attached).

2. Take some responses and perhaps add your own - children love to hear your own experiences, especially when they illustrate that you are far from perfect!

3. Tell the story of George Washington and the Cherry Tree perhaps using the pictures in the presentation. The Parson Weems original can be found here: . It would be worth telling the children that this is just a story but ask why it has been told so often since!

4. Ask the children why George felt the pressure to be honest to his father. Is there a particular pang of conscience if we lie to friends and family. Did Jesus' friends always tell him the truth?

5. Tell the story of Peter's denial of Jesus after his capture or use a clip to illustrate it such as - perhaps pause the video after each challenge and discuss how Peter might feel...

6. Reflection: In a quiet moment, think of the example you thought of in answer to our question at the start. How did you feel inside when you knew you hadn't owned up? Resolve to tell the truth in future...

7. So What? (Putting the value into action...): Tell the truth, how ever hard it seems!

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Honesty - The Power of Truth
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