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Values Assembly - Love: Love is Kind - A Puddle of Love

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Values Assembly - Love: Love is Kind - A Puddle of Love
« on: February 14, 2014, 11:38:55 AM »

(Used on Valentine's Day but hopefully appropriate at any time)
Example Powerpoint Attached.

1. Display question as children come in; Who is it easy to love? (also as extension include the Wendy Cope Poem "Magnetic" if you wish). Have on display some typical valentines gifts.

2. Take responses to the question. Talk about those who it is easy to love because they are close to us (family, partners, etc) and how they are often the focus of valentine's day. (Possible link with the poem). But is that all love is about?

3. Show picture of ripples from a pebble in a pond (can use the attached pic or a practical demo sometimes works with a clear bowl on an overhead projector). What are the ripples like close to the centre? These are strong relationships - the people it is easy to show our love for. Often the focus of valentines wishes.

4. Look at the layers as they stretch further from the centre. Think about the people further out in this 'puddle of love'. Friends, school mates, neighbours. It's harder to imagine saying 'I love you' to them but we can show love through kindness...

5. At the far reaches of the puddle are people we would find hardest to love. Ask for suggestions as to who this might be... Once again, these are people or things that still deserve our love expressed through kindness. Can the children think of a story Jesus told about loving someone at the far reaches of the puddle?

6. Use a version of the Good Samaritan Story. There are many to choose from and some interesting videos. I chose: as it seemed a little different! Discuss how the Samaritan would traditionally have been almost an enemy - definitely at the far reaches of the puddle!

7. PRAYER/REFLECTION: Use the puddle picture again. With each ring in turn ask the children to put images of people they could love in their heads as you say a prayer.

8. Conclusion/Extension: Go back to the Wendy Cope Poem 'Magnetic': Why is it called that? How has it been written? What has happened to the final line? The poem also shows how the people closest to us can be hard to love sometimes... especially if they snore!!

Who Is It Easy to Love?
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Re: Love (Values Assemblies): Love is Kind - A Puddle of Love
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2014, 02:03:08 PM »
Lots of good ideas here.
Like the modern version of the Good Samaritan video.
Thanks Culdrum.
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