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Love - Script

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Love - Script
« on: November 21, 2012, 07:53:34 PM »
Aim: to understand that love is more important than anything else

1 You’ll need some cymbals. Ask some children in advance to play the parts of these superheroes. Try to have an article of costume for them – a mask, a cape or swimming trunks over trousers or similar.

2 This morning we’ve got some very special visitors – I’ve managed to book five superheroes to visit our school today and I’d like you to give them a really warm welcome. First of all we have… (as each hero enters, crash the cymbals together noisily)

Mr Incredible – he’s so strong he can burst through solid walls
Elastigirl – she can stretch in any direction
Alex Ryder – he may only be 14 but he’s a hero in the Secret Service
Batman – he’s amazing in his Batmobile
Superman – he can save the planet from any danger
Spiderman – he can climb walls with his bare hands and throw webs round the most terrifying crook
And Joe Smith. (sound derisive) Joe Smith? What can you do, Joe? Can you burst through walls like Mr Incredible? Can you stretch like Elastigirl? Etc etc, with Joe shaking his head sadly to each question.
Oh dear oh dear, I think you’ve come to the wrong assembly, Joe. Because we’re only interested in superheroes – people who are brilliant at things. Because they’re the only ones who matter!

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