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Names - What's in a Name - Script

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Names - What's in a Name - Script
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:04:05 AM »
Faith (Grace, Love, Mercy)

A 10 minute assembly to look at the theme of names and focus on the truth of God caring for us.


Welcome the young people to today's assembly and begin by introducing yourself and any team present. Explain that we will begin today by taking a short test.

Spelling Test
Invite some volunteers out who think they are good at spelling. Explain that we are thinking about names today so will begin with our volunteers taking a short spelling test around names in the Bible. The students should face away from the screen. Flick through the different slides until it stops on one of the names (below and on PPT). Invite the students to have a go spelling it. Aim to land on the easier ones first to build up the challenge level.

1.   Jonathan
2.   Abelbethmaachah
3.   James
4.   Abraham
5.   Philip
6.   Daniel
7.   Berodachbaladan
8.   Elizabeth
9.   Samuel
10.   Sarah

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