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Patience - Script

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Patience - Script
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:56:08 AM »


The person doing the welcome starts getting impatient because the second team member hasn't turned up for the assembly. Volunteer then charges in and after a brief discussion the person has been late because they have been doing a good deed.

Introduce the word Patience.

Ask: What is patience? When do people need patience? (Dictionary definition: calmly putting up with things, quietly waiting for something.)

4. Quiz - How patient are you?
Ask the following questions to the whole school and they decide for themselves which answer is best for them.

It was just before Easter in the middle of the night and you felt hungry. Would you:
a) think about having a bit of an Easter egg but knew you should be patient and wait for Easter morning?
b) have a jam sandwich instead?
c) creep downstairs and have a sneak nibble of one of your Easter eggs?

You are standing in a queue for your dinner. You want to get away quickly to join your mates in the playground, would you:
a) hang around hoping the dinner ladies would serve people quickly?
b) push in the queue higher up hoping no one would see or object?
c) give up and go to the playground even though you were hungry?

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