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Together - Script

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Together - Script
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:25:21 AM »
A 15 minute assembly encouraging the young people to see the value in working together with others. The young people will be challenged to support other people in their communities.

GAME: Who wants to be a (sweetie) millionaire?

Preparation: Get an adult on board with this. They will need to be told the answer to the final question in the quiz in advance.

Invite some people up to the front to play the game. Explain the rules: they will be given a multiple choice quiz. The more answers they get correct, the more sweets they stand to win. However, if they get an answer wrong, they will walk away with nothing.

Run the quiz. All the questions are easy, with the exception of the last one. Build up the tension: they only have one shot at answering the question; if it's wrong, they lose everything. While they are unsure whether to gamble, explain that there is one person in the room who knows the answer. They have 30 seconds to find that person and get the answer. Hopefully by the end of that time, the students will found the answer and won their prize.

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