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Bullying - Script 2

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Bullying - Script 2
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:54:55 AM »
Anti Bullying

Aim: Instead of addressing the bully, this assembly looks at the victims and how they can be helped. If we stand up, stand together bullying will be seen as unacceptable and stop.

Pre assembly: As people arrive show a power point with the words shown below looping. U2 song, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, playing.

1. Restoring the can trick

Make a crushed coke can return to its normal shape. To learn the trick go to: . or type in crushed can restored.

Ask: Can you restore a person who has been crushed by bullying?

2. Story from a person who's been bullied

"I first started getting bullied at an early age of ten. The bullying began in primary school and carried on right through high school. I hated it. I used to get called names, threatened, beaten up and I did not understand why the bullying was happening, or what I possibly could have done to be so hated. I dreaded going to school because I knew as soon as I walked through the gates another day of abuse would start. As soon as I got into school I was scared and frightened. I felt I could not talk to anyone as it would make things worse. I kept everything inside, didn't want people to find out what was going on. Everyday the bullying got worse: the name calling, the threats, the violence. I could not understand how anyone could treat another person in such a cruel way. I was manipulated, crushed and made to feel like rubbish by the bullies."

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