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Christmas - Script

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Christmas - Script
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:33:33 PM »
Here we have an assembly looking at Christmas. The theme of this is that sometimes we're so busy, we forget the real meaning of Christmas. This is done by looking at what things happen at Christmas, then bringing it home talking about Jesus.

This assembly includes ideas of getting up volunteers, but as we recognise not every assembly works so smoothly, we have some back-up ideas too. You need at least 2 people to deliver this assembly. Much of the input for this assembly was from Vicky C.

To Get / Bring
Big thick tipped pens.
Fairly large pieces of card, thick enough so that you can't 'see through' the card. I'd recommend card 50cm by 50cm or larger. Some of the pieces of card may need to be pre-prepared (just in case!) with words written on, such as 'presents', 'family', 'trees', 'Christmas shopping', 'turkey', 'mince pies', 'Christmas pudding', 'TV' etc.
Chocs / sweets (without wrappers, so no litter!) as thank you prizes.

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Christmas Assembly Script 1

Are you looking for a new, fun way to tell the Christmas story? Are you wanting to do an easy to prepare presentation that can involve as few or as many children as possible? Here is an idea involving sounds and simple visuals, which could form part of a Christmas assembly this year. It is based around a simple poem and needs little or no rehearsal. Its aim is to underline the point that the experience of Christmas itself comes and goes but for Christians the experience of knowing Jesus is something that can last forever.

You will need a set of ten cue cards describing the sound effects and words, which each group/individual will be saying/performing to accompany the poem. In addition the groups or individuals will need something visual to hold or wear that will complement the sound effects. These could include a Santa hat and bells... coconut shells or the like for donkey hoof noises... a simple bell, as heard on a bus... wrapping paper to scrunch... straw to rustle... cutlery to chink together.

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Christmas Assembly Script 2

Here is an idea for a Christmas assembly that can involve a number of children as they help the whole school to explore what Christmas is really about.

You will need the nine letters of the word ‘Christmas’ written on separate pieces of A4 (A3?) card. It would be good if each letter were also decorated in some way, while still remaining clearly visible and legible. Why not use differently coloured tinsel, wrapping paper, holly etc. to highlight and bring out each letter in a festive way? Each letter card should also be numbered on the reverse, clear enough for the holder to see – only numbers 1 to 8, as the second ‘s’ does not need to be numbered. Once you have the letter cards ready, one further step would be to wrap each one in Christmas paper to create 9 ‘presents’.

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Christmas Assembly Script 3

Christianity Assembly Stories
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