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Communication - Script

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Communication - Script
« on: November 21, 2012, 07:34:49 PM »
Today we are looking at relationships. Now there is one thing that is definitely needed in relationships. You can ask if anyone can guess what that thing is? But most likely, people won't respond above Year 9!! The answer is that communication is key to all relationships in life. This can be between friends, between couples - and at work.

Note - Exercise 2 is not for an assembly necessarily, but may be helpful for you to use in another time and place :)

Thanks to KW for some of the content of this assembly..

Ask for 2-3 volunteers (and say there are free sweets for them, if the school is OK with this - ie. isn't a healthy-eating school!). Have a load of flumps or other sweets. Your object is to get as many into the volunteer's mouth as possible (being very careful for them not to choke or be sick). They are not allowed to eat the sweet, but with a mouth-full, they must try to hum a song that you give them. Then people have to guess what the song was.

Your other option is to ask for a couple of volunteers. Then you (or your assistant) stuff your face full of flumps or similar and try to do the singing. The volunteers have to guess your song. Do more than one song.

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