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Fear - Script

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Fear - Script
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:09:36 AM »
A 10 minute assembly looking at how to deal with your fears.

Pre assembly
Prepare five boxes on a table set up in a way that under the third box a team member (who is hiding under the table) can fit their head/hand. Under each box place a different type of sports ball eg football, baseball, basket ball etc.

Introduction & Game
Get a volunteer, ask their name and explain that they have to remove each box quickly and shout out the name of the ball under each box. When they lift box three the staff member hiding under it can shout or try to scare them. Hopefully the volunteer will let out a scream.

Fears list
Say people are scared of a lot of things, and we give them names, here is a list of some of them (see if they can guess any of them):

Aerophobia (flying)   
Sociophobia (people)
Arachnophobia (spiders)   
Claustrophobia (confined spaces)
Agoraphobia (open spaces)   
Brontophobia (thunderstorms)
Carcinophobia (cancer)   
Philophobia (Falling in love)
Ephebiphobia (Teenagers)   
Coulrophobia (Clowns)
Cacophobia (Ugliness)   
Graphophobia (Handwriting)
Triskadekaphobia (Number 13).   
Phobophobia (Phobias)
Odontophobia   (Teeth)   
Philemaphobia (kissing)

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