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Fear - Script 2

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Fear - Script 2
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:43:34 PM »
2 Dictionary definitions of 'fear' are: To be afraid or frightened of. To be uneasy or apprehensive about.

What are you fearful about?
We all have fears. No matter how small it seems to other people, fears are very real to us. What puts you in fear? Just reflect on that for a moment and we'll come back to that later..

Personal Story (use a story of fear, the time when you were most afraid)
One of my greatest fears when I was young was being left on my own. I remember sleeping in my grandpa's house which was quite a big place. If I couldn't hear people down below, I worried that they had gone and left me. This was also true when I was out shopping - I would sometimes worry that I would be left on my own.

Life is full of fear. The trick is to confront your fear, by feeling fear but doing something anyway!

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Fear Assembly Script 1

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What are your deepest fears? (Talk about one of your own stories on fear)

The Bible tells us not to fear but instead to trust God. We put our trust in lots of things, but usually not God! But these things we trust in don't stop fear. Even those who believe in God still have fears, though they try not to have! Fear has to be confronted.
Fear of going on planes?
I went on flight back from US once and in our 6 hour flight, of which 4 ½ hours had turbulence. That was scary, but not as scary as this..

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Fear Assembly Script 2

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Fear Assembly Stories
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