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Hope - Script

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Hope - Script
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:46:25 PM »
At a recent meeting with all government bigwigs and people, a top policeman felt really hopeless about crime in England. 'We need an escape route from our hopelessness.'

Viktor Frankl, a Viennese psychologist and Holocaust survivor said ours is a world in which many people have a lot to live with but not much to live for. There is a hunger for hope. A Christian recently said that the battle in our world is between scepticism and hope.

There was a girl clubber and she did drugs a lot. One day she did too many pills and found herself in the toilets of a club. She knew things were out of control and very serious. She cried out to God, 'If you're really there, you gotta help me, I don't want to die.' That very night, God helped her. She did not die, even though she could have. Now she goes round and tells people there is hope.

So what things do people hope for in life? (Same facts as in 'life' section, subsititute if necessary)

- To be happy
- To find their life partner
- To have a good job
- To make a load of money and buy cool stuff
- To have a family
- To feel loved
- To have their own good house
- To be famous
- To be respected
- To make a difference in the world

Hope Assembly Script 1

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

1 Create a city wall and watchtower in the assembly hall – a line of chairs for the wall and a simple square of chairs for the tower. Have one of your class (or a colleague) stand inside the square, holding a sword, for children to look at as they come into the hall or classroom.

2 Create the scene in the children’s imaginations. Here is the city wall. Here is the watchtower. It’s a dangerous place on the outside of the city wall. There are enemies all around who want to attack the city and capture it (like the orcs in The Lord of the Rings wanting to attack Gondor). And it’s nighttime.

Here’s the soldier who’s been put on guard duty from midnight to sunrise.
What do you think he has to do all night?

I wonder what he can see? (shadows, moon, stars, dark shapes…)
I wonder what he can hear? (people snoring, animals rustling, someone creeping around quietly…)
I wonder what he’s thinking? (how much longer? I want to go home! My feet are cold!…)
I wonder how he’s feeling? (cold, tired, grumpy, lonely…)
I wonder what he wants more than anything in the world right now? (A hot drink; a warm fire; the sun to rise so he can go home…)
If you have time to prepare the actor, you could hotseat him or her instead of asking the other children for their ideas. Prime your actor to emphasize the longing for morning.

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Hope Assembly Script 2

Perseverance Assembly Stories
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