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Justice - Script

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Justice - Script
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:49:03 PM »
Get 4 people up the front, 2 physically larger stronger people and 2 less strong people. The 2 strong people represent developing countries, the 2 weaker people represent developed countries. Have a ball of string and get the 2 developed 'countries' to hold on to one end of the string with their hands.

Then start talking about slavery and how we hoped we had got rid of slavery. But no. We have economic slavery. Take the other end of the ball of string and wrap it around the 2 individuals representing developing countries. Each time you talk about another level of unfairness, wrap another piece of string around the 2 developing countries. Eventually have a few strands around and show how the 2 developed countries can control the developing countries by gently tugging them. That represents how we have economic slavery today.

So what factors do we talk about?
1. Developing countries have to pay to import to developed countries
2. Developed countries can export to developing countries with no penalties to pay
3. They owe money to the developed countries with interest now higher than the actual amount owed
4. Western businesses have access to very cheap labour, charge high prices in the West, yet pay workers very little
5. Organisations like the World Trade Organisation have not made it easier for developing countries to pay back money
6. The West could easily choose to waive interest repayments on loans but have chosen not to
7. We enjoy a very high standard of living because we oppress other countries

Justice Assembly Script 1

1 Give the children a hypothetical situation: if you were all alone in the playground and you found a pound coin, what would you do? Would you keep it and not tell anyone? After all, nobody would know. Or would you give it to a teacher? What would be the honest thing to do? Why is it good to be honest?

2 Explain that Christians believe God sees everything anyway, so he’s really pleased when we are honest and he’s sad if we’re dishonest, even if nobody else knows what we’ve done. There’s a story in the Bible, in the Old Testament about a dishonest king and queen. You’d think a king and queen might get away with being dishonest, wouldn’t you? But the more important we are, the more God says we should be completely trustworthy.

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Justice Assembly Script 2
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