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Patience - Script 2

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Patience - Script 2
« on: November 21, 2012, 05:56:07 PM »
Kick off the assembly with a couple of games around the theme of patience (loosely)...

Staring Game - at least two volunteers. In this, the two volunteers have to come up to the front and have to stare at each other for as long as possible. The one who blinks first loses. If you have lots of volunteers, the winner stays on...

30 second talking game - in this game, you have one person come up front and give them an issue. They must talk on this subject without messing up for at least 30 seconds (put it up to 1 minute if you're feeling nasty...) Here are some themes we used:

Canadian Geese   
Britain's Got Talent (or change to a show for your country)
The amazing teachers standing in the room
Dr Who and his Tardis   
Lucozade and energy drinks
The local football club - in our case, Exeter City FC   
Chocolate bars   
Why hoodies should be banned

Patience Assembly Script 1

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