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Stress - Script

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Stress - Script
« on: January 28, 2013, 12:21:55 PM »
What is stress? How do we deal with it before it deals with us?

ILLUSTRATION: Balancing act

Resources: glasses/beakers (x6), trays (x2), obstacles (e.g. plastic boxes), jugs of water, blindfold

Note: If you choose to run this illustration, keep it away from electrical equipment.

Invite two volunteers to the front – the more competitive the better. It may add to the enjoyment to involve an adult: a team member or a teacher to ‘play up’ the competitive edge.

Explain the challenge: to get from A to B and back again carrying a glass of water on a tray without spilling any. Whoever completes the challenge the quickest wins.

Round 1 (easy round): Glass is half full – there should be no spillages
Round 2 (slightly more pressure): Fill the glass up almost to the top
Round 3 (more difficult): Three full glasses on each tray – students can only use one hand to carry the tray
Final round (hardest of all): Put a few minor obstacles in the way. Again, carry three glasses using only one hand. (For comic effect, you might want to produce a blindfold here as if for ‘Round 5’…)

At the end, ask the participants how they felt throughout the challenge. Were their any times when they were close to spilling the water, or dropping the tray?

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