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Value - Script

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Value - Script
« on: November 21, 2012, 06:07:58 PM »
What are we worth? Are we just a load of bones, skin, chemicals and minerals?

If we were to be broken down into bits what would we be made of:

- enough water to fill 6 buckets
- enough sulphur to rid a dog of fleas
- enough potash to explode a packet of party poppers
- enough calcium for several sticks of chalk
- enough phosphorous for 2200 match tips
- enough lime to whitewash a hen house
- enough sugar for 7 cups of tea
- enough iron for a medium sized nail
- enough fat to make 6 bars of soap

Value Assembly Script 1

Tell everyone that they have great value. One of the things that women (especially) long to be is to be treasured, to know that they have value - good hint for you guys there in a relationship! But we all need to feel valued and the great news is that we are all of great value.

Before the assembly starts, put tickets under 3 chairs. When assembly starts, get everyone to stretch out their hand in front of them, then put it in the air, then put it under the seat of the person in front and see if there's a ticket there.

Get the 3 'volunteers' up and play a game of 'guess the price.' Start with 5 normal prices - the price of shoes, someone's top, a haircut, a jacket, a toothbrush. Then go on to increasingly bizarre things - belly button piercing, a facelift for someone... etc.

Value Assembly Script 2

This is a third assembly looking at Value. This could also be used on the theme of grace with some development.

Although I have added to the content contained here, the concept of this assembly comes from Phil Dooley, Youth Pastor at Abundant Life. This idea was used by him in the Rock Nations Conference 2005. Credit where credit is due :)

For this, you're going to be looking at a £5 or £10 note, although the assembly won't know this until the end. You may well give this away to someone, so it's up to you what value you choose. £20 if your youth ministry is incredibly rich. You'll need to put the note in a box. You'll also need an anti-bacterial spray and some latex gloves. Keep these out of sight until needed. Place the box on a table near to you and safe! On the box, have the words, 'mystery gift' or 'free gift'. Just to keep the suspense.

Value Assembly Script 3

Good morning. Today we’re taking your assembly on ‘Valuing Individuals’. This means we’ll be looking at how everyone is valuable because we’re all different.

Movie clip – The Incredibles. Use the penultimate chapter where the Incredibles family work together to destroy the robot. On the DVD, this is Scene 29. Timing: 1:33:06 - 1:37:47 (ends when scene cuts to a limousine).

Value Assembly Script 4

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