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Attitude - What Type of Person are You? - Story

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Attitude - What Type of Person are You? - Story
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:47:06 AM »

VALUES:  Attitude; Motivation.

STORY:    What  type of person are you?

Some people are like wheels – they won’t work unless they are pushed. Some people are like trailers – they have to be pulled.
Some people are like kites – always up in the air and if you don’t keep a tight string on them, they just drift away.
Some people are like canoes – they have to be paddled.
Some people are like footballs – you never know which way they are going to bounce next.
Some people are like balloons – always puffed up and ready to explode. Some people are like flat tyres – they have to be jacked up.
Some people are like good watches – pure gold, open faced, always on time, dependable, quietly busy and just full of good works.

What type of person are you?


It would improve this story if you had some pictures or objects to hold up as you are telling it – perhaps have a wheel, a soccer ball, a balloon, a watch with you, or even just pictures of these things.

We are all able to make decisions regarding the kind of learner we wish to be and the kind of friends we choose to have. What choices are you going to make? What type of person do you choose to be?

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