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Blessings - The Most Precious Gift - Story

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Blessings - The Most Precious Gift - Story
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:53:06 AM »

VALUES:  Blessings in disguise.

STORY:    This is a story about  animals.

After God had finished creating the animals, they went walking and jumping around to find out what it was like to be alive. They were very excited and they were having loads of fun – all of them, except the birds. They were doing nothing but shuffling from place to place, moaning and complaining about the heavy burden God had given them, a burden given to none of the others – those awkward, hanging things on their shoulders.

“Why us? Why is God punishing us?” they kept repeating over and over again. Finally, one or two of the more adventurous birds began to wriggle those awkward things on their shoulders and soon, to their amazement and delight, they began to fly. They discovered that the very things they had considered to be a terrible burden, actually made it possible for them to fly – and no other animal could fly.

What had appeared at first glance to be an enormous burden, had turned out to be a most precious gift.


Life will always present us with difficulties, obstacles and challenges, but in overcoming these problems, we grow and develop and become better, stronger and more able to cope with the next crisis that comes along. Some learners see school as a heavy burden, but perhaps if you thought about it differently, you could see it as a wonderful gift and a fantastic opportunity to prepare you for a full and happy adult life.

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