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Determination - The Clever Donkey - Story

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Determination - The Clever Donkey - Story
« on: February 05, 2013, 07:58:23 AM »
VALUES:  Overcoming difficulties; Perseverance; Determination.

STORY:    One morning, a farmer awoke to the sound of pitiful cries coming from an old, dry well in the back garden. He rushed over and peered down into the depths of the well. To his amazement, he saw his old donkey at the bottom. He had obviously fallen down the well in the gloom of the early morning. Unfortunately, the well was deep and there was no way of getting the donkey out. As the well was dry, obviously dangerous and of no further use, he decided that the best thing to do was to fill it with sand. In this way, he would put the poor donkey out of its misery and fill the well.

So he called his neighbours, told them the problem and asked them to bring their shovels to help fill in the well. As they began shoveling load after load of sand into the well, the donkey began to cry in anguish and fear. However, after a short while the crying stopped. Curious, the farmer stopped shoveling and looked down into the well. To his utter astonishment, he noticed that the donkey was nearer the surface. Excitedly, he threw another load of sand onto the donkey. The donkey shook himself vigorously, the sand fell to the ground and the donkey stepped on top of it, a little higher than before.

Eventually, the well was full and the donkey stepped lightly up the last little bit, jumped out of the well and walked away.


Sometimes, life is like this story:You will always, from time to time, face problems, at home and at school. Be like the donkey. Face up to your difficulties, shake them off like the sand, deal with them, learn from them and move forward and upward, stronger than before.

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