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Differences - Horns Only - A Play

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Differences - Horns Only - A Play
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:14:55 AM »
This is a story written by Gcina Mhlophe, Fathima Dada and Leoni Hofmeyr. In this story, the animals with horns have been excluding animals without horns from their parties. Through the story, they learn that accepting differences is a good thing and that being included should not depend on
what you look like.

This is a simple drama that can be used with younger children. You can make the cast as big as or as small as you like, by adding in or taking out animal roles. Feel free to add in additional speaking parts as you need for your group.


Zebra          A girl who can dance well. She is wearing a striped top.

Monkey    You would probably cast the class clown for this role. Also a very good dancer.

Rhino    This one is the bouncer-type. They depend on their strength to bully others but they are not smart intellectually.

Narrators   These are the storytellers. What helps is to have learners of different vocal qualities. The juxtaposition helps to give even the slow speaker a sense of individuality.

Animals   Just like the narrators – the strength of these characters lies in their individuality. Even someone with a stutter can be accommodated.

There is music playing, preferably music that  requires a couple or a dance pair. Whilst the music plays Zebra and Monkey  appear – already dancing. The narrator speaks whilst  the music and dance continues.

Narrator 1   Welcome to the kingdom of the horns. This is a great kingdom where everyone is welcome – everyone who has horns. You have your democracy. We have ours.

Narrator 2         Behind us are Zebra and Monkey. They are best friends. They eat together. They sing together. They dance together. I am sure that if they went to a dance competition like ‘So you think you can
dance’ they would be number 1.

Narrator 3   One day they saw other animals going to a party. It was going to be a great party. The celebrities and the TV cameras were going to be there. It was the party of the year.

Music plays. The other animals come through.   It is like walking on the red carpet at a big awards ceremony. The cameras are there.  Zebra and Monkey  try to get the attention of the VIP’s.

Zebra   Excuse me sir! May we pleaaaase come in? Rhino    Hey. Go away. Where is your invitation? Monkey    Sorry sir – we don’t mind standing at the back.

Rhino    And where are your horns? Hm? Where? (No answer) Now – get out of my way. (Proudly walks past).
Zebra   (Disappointed) Why were we born without horns? Why?
Monkey    (Suddenly brightening up) I have an idea!
Zebra   (Skeptical) Idea?
Monkey    Yes. Let’s make our own horns
Zebra           You are crazy
Monkey    No, I am not. We can use sticks and plants.
Zebra           Excuse me!!!!!
Monkey    Come-on Zee, let’s give it a try.
Zebra   (Resigns) Okay
Monkey    (Pulling Zebra out) That’s my friend.

The party music gets louder. The animals   get into  a big circle to dance.  Monkey and Zebra come in rather hesitantly, their home-made  horns on their heads. They slowly warm up to the spirit of the party.  Before  long  there  is a circle around them as they steal the limelight.  In the process their horns fall off. The music comes to a sudden halt.

Animal 1   Who gave these gatecrashers permission to come in here?
Animal 2   Who let you in here?
Animal 3   Yes. Where are their horns?
Animal 4   You think you can come in here with fake horns?
Animal 5   Where is security?
Animal 6   (Shouting) Security!!!!!

Security  comes in, mishandles Zebra and Monkey  and they push them out.

Animal 7   Okay everyone – my apologies for the inconvenience. (Shouts) Music!!!!!!

The music comes back on. The animals try to dance but the fun is all gone.  Eventually everyone is just standing and talking in groups.  Some  are even sleepy.The music gets softer.

Animal 8   Guys, this party is booooring.  Let’s go sweetheart.
Animal 9   No, please don’t go.  Should we change the music?
Animal 8   No, the music is fine. It’s the company I have problems with.
Animal 9   I think we should call Zebra and Monkey back
Animal 8   What?
Animal 9   I mean – we were not nice to them.
Animal 10   Actually, why must they have horns anyway?
Animal 11   Sure. Why? (Other animals echo the question:Yes, why. / Ja, why?
Actually it does not make sense. / No sense at all / But why did we do it? You see, it does not make sense. Etc)

Host   (Shouting) Alright everybody – time to do the right thing!!!!

Host  disappears and reappears with Zebra and Monkey.They immediately  take the floor and everyone applauds  them  and encourages them.

Host   (To the audience) By the way, you are also welcome to dance with us.
No-one  cares about horns anymore.

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