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Friendship - The ABC of Friendship - Story

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Friendship - The ABC of Friendship - Story
« on: February 05, 2013, 07:54:03 AM »
For this assembly, maybe you could have the letters of the alphabet on cards, with a different student reading each of the sentences.

VALUES:  Friendship.

STORY:    Friendship is important to all of us. To have friends, one needs to be a friend.
Here are some ways to help friendship grow.

Always be honest –   tell the truth; own up when you have done something wrong.
Be there when they need you – listen to your friends; show them kindness when they are hurting.
Cheer them on   –   encourage them to keep going and not give up.
Don’t look for their faults – concentrate on their good points.
Every chance you get, call   – keep regular contact.
Forgive them – don’t hold grudges or try to ‘get them back’.
Get together often – spend time together.
Have faith in them – trust them and believe in them.
Include them – don’t exclude a friend from your group.
Just listen   – try to hear how your friends feel and what they think.
Know their dreams – talk about your dreams for your lives.
Love them unconditionally   –   no matter what they say or do, don’t stop being their friend.
Make  them feel special   –   think of ways to show (in what you say or do) how much you appreciate them.
Never forget them   –   keep your promises; keep contact even if they move away to another town.
Offer to help   –   help them with their problems.
Praise them  honestly   –   mean what you say.
Quietly  disagree   –   talk about your differences calmly.
Rescue them often   –   be a true friend when they need help.
Say you’re sorry   –   apologize when you have said or done something that upsets them.
Talk frequently    –   communicate with them often.
Use good judgment   –   make wise choices together.
Vote for them   –   support them in what they do. Wish them well   –   want the best for them.
X-ray yourself first   –   examine yourself before you criticize them.
Your word counts   –   keep your promises.
Zip your mouth  when told a secret   –   don’t share their secrets with others.

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