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Honesty - The New House - Story

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Honesty - The New House - Story
« on: February 05, 2013, 09:46:22 AM »
VALUES:  Honesty; Consequences; Reputation.

STORY:    Once upon a time, there was a builder who was very poor because there was not much work. Then, one day, a rich man came to see him. “Will you build me a house?” he asked. “I want it to be a very beautiful house and I don’t care how much it costs. But you must use the very best building materials.”

The builder was absolutely delighted. Now he would have work for many months and he would be well paid too. As he began ordering the building materials, a thought occurred to him. If he bought cheap materials, he would pay less but still get the full amount of money from the rich man. So he decided to cheat.

The builder began, using cheap bricks, poor cement and weak wood. He mixed too much sand with the cement thereby saving money on the price of the cement. The wood for the roof bent under the weight of the tiles and there were gaps where the rain could leak through. However, once the house was completed, painted and all the rubble cleared away, the house looked much like any other. But the builder knew that it would not be long before the house began to crack and fall down. He intended to be far away before that happened and he was pleased because he had cheated the rich man out of a great deal of money.

Then the owner came to inspect his new home. “It looks beautiful,” he said to the builder. “You keep the keys. It’s your house. I wanted to do something good with some of my money. Congratulations!” The builder was very upset but could not say anything. If he had known the house was for him and that he was working for himself, he would not have cheated.


In school, you are always working for yourself. If you cheat, you cheat yourself and will eventually be caught out and your reputation damaged. It is important to remember that all your actions have consequences, good or bad.

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