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Honesty - Young Lion and Little Brown Monkey - A Play

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Honesty - Young Lion and Little Brown Monkey - A Play
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:37:36 AM »
This story, written by Tshepo Mokono, on the value of honesty, and the import of listening to the “little voice” in our heads which tells us to do the right thing.

It is set for an older age group than the previous dramas. In order to even out the speaking parts, and give as many children as possible  the
opportunity to perform, we have used a device where the narrator acts as if he/s is the main character, whilst telling the
audience what happened. This requires a bit of a stretch of the imagination, and additional props might help the narrators to switch roles as required.   Of course, if you would prefer to keep the role to one character, that would be fine too.


Kgosana   A learner known as the class clown would do well here. The first few seconds of walking onto the stage can be filled with some funny moments.
King   A regal being with lots of dignity.
Prince   This is a young person with a taste for fancy clothing and bling. He / She likes being looked at and does not like competition.Very jealous.
Mangi   A Cinderella – the opposite of Prince. Humble and gifted singer. Piggy   An ordinary character who might be slightly chubby.
Springer   This is perhaps the most athletic look.  Might even be dressed in a track suit.
Jackie    It would help if this one could be dressed in Pantsula clothes. They are considered to be sly but they are surprisingly good-hearted.
Narrators   The narrators are the storytellers. They need to be unique – taking their cues from the personality of the child. The more exciting and yet different from each other the better. When they play as Prince they will need some sort of device to show this – perhaps a mask.

Kgosana – the king’s messenger quietly walks onto the stage.  He looks around to check if anyone is watching. The king is sitting on the stage so he can observe the action until his moment. Kgosana pulls a vuvuzela  from under his coat and blows it very loud.

The characters appear running in all directions.  Each one is desperately trying to beat the rest. There is cheating here and there.  Exhaustion  also sets in. In the end it is Mangi at the front of the queue. Prince – Young Lion buys and cheats his way to the second position and then the rest follow. (The rest of the cast are frozen  during this exchange)

Prince   Ks-Ks! Monkey! Yoh! Ek sê! Listen, do you want a cell-phone?
Mangi   No.
Prince   Haai man! I am not selling it.  Do you want it mahala?
Mangi   Mahala?
Prince   Well! Maybe in exchange for a little favour you know!
Mangi   Little?
Prince   Ja, you know? Me first, you second?
Mangi   Ha Prince!
Prince   Look, I will set you up man. I will talk to my dad. We will give your dad a licence to own taxis. And we will give you a bursary to go to university.
Mangi   Sorry.
Prince   (Bitterly) Fine. Stupid as always.  You will die poor I tell you.

Narrator – a typical gossip is on the side.  He always finds a way to comment on the action.  He is unseen by the characters.

Narrator 1   Serves him right. Why must rich people always get what they want?
Mangi got him. You are late, you are late. Fair is fair.
King   Congratulations. Here is your gift. Whenever you drink this you will be able to sing beautifully.You will be famous and rich. You will become a great musician.You could even become a great gospel star. Good luck.
Narrator 1   (To Audience) Haai suka man, don’t be jealous! Hands together for Mangi. Me, I will get a VIP seat when Mangi performs in America.

Prince is pacing on stage. He kicks anything in his way.  He is bitter and angry.

Narrator 2   Yoh! Prince was angry – very angry. I heard him talking to himself saying ‘What a waste. What a waste!   How can you give a gold ring to a monkey.  Really? No.’ He was so angry he did not even see Piggy near him.
Piggy   Prince!!... Prince!!! ...PRINCE!!!!! What’s wrong? Prince   You don’t know what’s wrong?
Piggy   No.
Prince   Can you imagine yourself at the big theatre in Cape Town or Johannesburg?
Piggy   Yoh! That would be fantastic.
Prince   Fantastic yes. Now – imagine the king had given the music gift bottle to you hey! You – not that ugly thing. You must go and steal it from her
Piggy   But she deserved it.
Prince   What?
Piggy         Maar prince, I don’t like it when people steal from me. I don’t want to steal from others too.
Prince   Okay.  If you say so.
Narrator 3         I have never seen Prince so angry. I am telling you.  Later on that day he met Springbok. Here is what happened – I will be Prince, okay? (Suddenly gets very sulky)
Springer   Hallo sweety! (Kisses him on the cheek but there is no response). Hao baby, what is it?
Narrator 3 as Prince   I hate my dad.
Springer   Baby you can’t say that.
Narrator 3 as Prince   How can he give such an expensive gift to such an ugly monkey? Springer   But Mangi was number 1
Narrator 3 as Prince   Close your eyes. Please, close your eyes. (She Does) Imagine, December 31 - New Year’s eve! Five thousand people -
MC    “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you the one and only SPRINGEEEEEEER!!!!
Narrator 3 as Prince   The crowd shouts – Springer!!! Springer!!! Springer!!! Springer!!! But instead of it being you, it is that ugly monkey.
Springer   (Opening his/her eyes) I’m sorry Prince. I think good things are always worth waiting for.
Narrator 3 as Prince   A whole year? 365 days waiting whilst monkey becomes famous? Springer   I think it’s worth waiting for your turn in life. Bye.
Narrator    (Again becoming narrator) Somehow Prince seemed to understand.
He thought to himself
‘Ja, maybe you are right. I think I should wait for next year’.
Narrator 4   So, Prince continued to walk home.  It was hard. He was disappointed. Jackie – you know the jackal type? He suddenly ran into Prince – very excited. (Whispering to the audience) This is what happened. Don’t say you heard it from me because Prince would be angry with me.
Jackie    (Rather excited) Yoh Prince my man! How are you my brother from another mother?
Narrator 4 as Prince   Ho-hooooo  Jackie my man! Uyiskhokho! There is no match for you I tell you. The only thing that is missing is the voice, and I know how you can get it.
Jackie    Please tell me how?
Narrator 4 as Prince   Why don’t you sneak into Mangi’s house and steal that bottle? One sip and you will be the hit at the music awards.
Jackie    Steal?
Narrator 4 as Prince   Noooo! Not steal. Just take it when he can’t see you.
Jackie    But everyone will be surprised that suddenly I, Jackie can sing so well. You know me – I am so useless I even whistle out of tune.

They laugh heartily and go their separate ways.

Narrator 5   That night Prince put on his running shoes and ran to the monkey’s house. He waited until all the other monkeys had gone home and Mangi was fast asleep. He crept in and stole the gift. It was his now.

Prince appears on stage. He runs by a few times and then the other characters stand
frozen upstage and keep repeating their advice.  Prince keeps trying to avoid them but the words stop him.

Piggy          I don’t like it when people steal from me.  It’s not fair.  I don’t want to steal from others too.
Mangi   Good things are always worth waiting for. It’s worth waiting for your turn in life.
Jackie    Give Mangi a chance. We can’t all sing.

Prince walks to one side of the stage slowly.  He is taking the gift back.

Narrator 5   Prince took the gift back. As he went back home, his heart felt light and his feet felt freer – freer than he had felt the whole day. (Starts applauding) Well done Prince!

Prince goes to the front of the stage and bows. The rest of the cast follow him.

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