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Hope - The Fire That Saved the Day - Story

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Hope - The Fire That Saved the Day - Story
« on: February 05, 2013, 07:19:33 AM »

VALUES:  Perseverance; Hope

STORY:    Once upon a time, there was a disaster at sea and only one sailor managed to survive. He was eventually washed ashore on a deserted island. He slowly built himself a small hut in which he stored the few precious possessions that he had managed to save from the wreck. Day after day, he kept praying to God to be rescued and, each day, he would spend hours staring out to sea in the hope of seeing a ship on the horizon. However, months went by and nothing happened, except that he became more and more sad, lonely and desperate.

One afternoon, when he returned from his usual food collecting expedition, he was devastated to find that his hut had somehow caught alight and all the possessions that he had guarded so carefully had been destroyed. He screamed, cursed and cried, but to no avail, and eventually, fell asleep on the sand.

Imagine his astonishment and joy when he was gently wakened the next morning by the soft words of a group of sailors standing over him. Looking out to sea, he saw the small rowboat at the water’s edge and the larger ship further out to sea. He had been rescued, but how? His rescuers explained: “How clever you were to light such a big fire yesterday afternoon. We would not have known that anyone was here if we had not seen the clouds of smoke.”

What had seemed to be a terrible disaster the day before, was actually a blessing in disguise.


Good things and bad things are all part of life and growing up. Hope is believing that things will eventually improve in the end. It helps us to persevere in the bad times.

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