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Love - Chores - Story

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Love - Chores - Story
« on: February 05, 2013, 07:16:25 AM »
VALUES:  Unconditional love.

STORY:    Peter loved to gaze through the window of the local store on his way home from school. The sweets and chocolates made his mouth water but he never seemed to have enough money to buy any. He thought about this a lot and, eventually, an idea came to him. One afternoon, after he had finished his homework, he went to his room and wrote the following letter:

Dear Mom,
For cleaning my shoes, you owe me          10p
For going shopping with you                     50p
For feeding my dog every day                   50p
For washing the dishes after supper          50p
For making my bed                                 60p
TOTAL:    £2.20

He then placed his note in an envelope, wrote his mom’s name on it and left it on the kitchen table just before he went to bed. The next morning, at breakfast, Peter noticed a new envelope on the table with his name on it. Full of excitement, he tore open the envelope and inside found £2.20 and the following note:

Dear Peter,
Find  enclosed £2.20 and many thanks for your help. Find too, my account:

For food and clothes for 10 years                                         no charge: I love you
Caring  for you when you were ill                                         no charge: I love you
Transport to and from school, scouts, soccer, parties, friends, etc
for 10 years                                                                       no charge: I love you
Cost  of entertainment  for 10 years                                     no charge: I love you

TOTAL:  no charge: I love you

All of a sudden, Peter no longer wanted the £2.20 – he had just discovered the meaning of true love.


This is a good story to read around Mothers’ Day. It reminds us of all the little things that mothers do for us every day that we don’t even notice.

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