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Self Control - The Party. It Pays to Wait - A Play

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Self Control - The Party. It Pays to Wait - A Play
« on: February 05, 2013, 10:28:16 AM »
This is a story written by Gcina Mhlophe that was inspired by her own childhood. The story of Madoda shows us that waiting for something we really want is not easy, but that it is worth it in the end. This is the value of self-control.

You will need a few strong characters for the main parts of the story. The rest of the cast can be increased or decreased by including more or fewer people at the party.


Madoda   This is one young man who loves his food. He has no patience at all. When he wants a thing he wants it now.  He is a bit overweight.
Lunga   This is Madoda’s sensible cousin. Physically tiny but healthy. His voice is different to Madoda’s so that we have variety when they talk. He is patient and loving.
Gogo    She is a well of wisdom. Her speech is slow and she walks in a dignified manner.  Her hair is grey.
Mother    She has a good face and a dignified body. Her voice is mature compared to the children. Her clothes reflect her nationality.
Father   He is in his 40’s.  Often in his overalls because of his occupation or trade. He is a friendly man.
Cast members   Just like the narrators these are different from each other in order to give us a variety of personalities. Some are energetic. Some are lazy.

Lunga  and Madoda  are playing a popular local ball game. They are having  great fun. They chase the ball off-stage.

Narrator 1   Hi! This is our town and those two boys are Lunga and Madoda. They are cousins. Every day after school they race home to see who is the fastest. Lunga and Madoda reappear, running.  Madoda  trails behind and gives up

Madoda   Lunga, I am soooo hungry.  Please give me something from your lunch-box.
Lunga   (Laughing) Haai suka wena Madoda. You are always hungry. (He continues to laugh and exits. Madoda follows – disappointed.)
Narrator 2   One day our family got a letter from Grandmother who lived in Kimberley. (Opens the letter and looks at it).
Grandmother    (Positioned on the other side of the stage) “To my children and my grandchildren – Hallo and how are you?  I am happy to tell you that I am going to visit you all to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. I look forward to celebrating this special day with all of you. Your loving grandmother. Maria”.
Narrator 3   The boys were very excited.

Lunga  and Madoda  reappear – happy, dancing, singing

Madoda   I am going to drink castor oil and make sure I am very hungry on that day.
Lunga   Close your eyes Madoda. Madoda   Why?
Lunga   Please man. You will see why later on.
Madoda   Okay.  (Lunga takes a deep breath to prepare for the magical moment. Madoda closes his eyes and then opens one slightly)
Lunga   No Man – stop cheating!
Madoda   Sorry. Sorry. Please do it quickly.
Lunga   (Speaking like a magician) Can you see it all laid out on a big table? Imagine the sweets... the jellies ... and the cake... Imagine the cake. Madoda. Hmmmmmm!!! It has strawberries on top and on the sides.
Madoda   Hmmmmmmmmmmm! (Starts licking his lips).
Lunga   And then ... and then they cut a biiiiiiiiig slice and put it on your plate
Madoda   (Jumping) Yes ...Yes...Yes...Yes
Langa   You are spoiling it Man! I said imagine
Madoda   But I can already taste it.
Langa   Oh I forgot – Mr. Hurry.

They freeze on stage

Narrator 3   The next week there was a shopping trip to town. The boys went with mother to help her carry the groceries. (They follow her)
Madoda   Mama, can we pleaaaaase have some sweets?
Mother    No! You must wait for the party.You will spoil the party if you eat the sweets now.
Madoda   Just one, ple-e-ease!
Lunga   C’mon man! Mama said no.
Mother    Madoda, how many times must I teach you to wait? Hm?
Madoda   Sorry ma.
Mother    Waiting has never killed anybody my boy.  Now, let’s hurry up before the supermarket gets full. (They all exit. Lunga pinches Madoda’s bum as they leave).
Narrator 4   The father was given the job of going to order the birthday cake from town.  Remember that bakery that has these colourful cakes? That one that has cakes with peaches and strawberries on top? Everybody wanted a big slice, so the father had to order the biggest one in the store.
Father   Excuse me my girl; please remind the baker that there must be sixty candles on the cake. My mother’s favourite colour is red. (To himself) I hope the old girl still has enough air to blow them out!!!
Narrator 5   Friday came, and we were all very busy.

The stage is full. Everyone is busy with something towards making  the birthday a success. Some  of the dialogue is improvised.

Cast 1   Can I have more carrots please? These will not be enough for all the people. Mama, I can’t find the baking powder.
Cast 2   Girls! I asked you to clean the windows. Use paper, not cloth. Madoda, no tasting. We are watching you.
Cast 3   I am going to borrow the red carpet from the church.  I’m sure they won’t mind.
Cast 4   Everybody; please excuse me – I am going to type the programme. If you don’t mind, I want to be the MC. Any suggestions?
Narrator 5   At the end of the day we were all tired; but everything was ready. I could not sleep that night.  I don’t think anyone slept.

The narrators’ delivery  is like  that  of sales people.

Narrator 6   Finally, the big day arrived.
Narrator 5   The sky was a clear blue.
Narrator 6   The cooking started early in the morning.
Narrator 5   The delicious smells from the pots filled the air.
Narrator 6   Everybody washed their cleanest that day.
Narrator 5   Clothes were getting ironed and straightened.
Narrator 6   Shoes got a special treatment. Let me go and clean mine. (Exit)
Narrator 5   It was beginning to feel like a wedding. Wow! (Exit)
Narrator  7   Then the cake arrived.
Narrator 8   It was BIG. The biggest I had ever seen.
Narrator  7  There were three different colours of candles on it.  Grandmother’s red was there. Two people carried it into the house. Two! I am not joking.
Narrator  8   Mama told them to hide it in the bedroom so that we could surprise grandmother. As always, Lunga and Madoda found their way into the bedroom. They stayed with the cake for a long time.

Madoda and Lunga watching the cake.  Almost  eating it with their eyes. NB:  Learners can look at an imaginary  cake if you cannot make a prop-cake.

Madoda   Can I have just one piece of cake?
Lunga   No! We will get into trouble.
Madoda   Okay then, just a liiiiitle piece of icing.
Lunga   Eish! Madoda, why can’t you wait? The party is today.
Madoda   Can I just take the flower, Lunga? No one will notice.
Lunga   (Irritated) NO! Go outside and play, and stop thinking about the cake
(Pushes him out)

Everyone mills around like in a silent movie whilst  the narrator speaks. They are all wearing colourful birthday  cone-hats.The narrators speak  as if whispering to the audience.

Narrator 8   Grandmother arrived. Everybody looked good.
Narrator 9   Even Papa put on a tie for the first time since Christmas. Narrator 8   We were all very happy. Parents were extra nice.
Narrator 9   The children behaved themselves too.
Narrator 8   Finally, we were all in our places and grandmother had to blow all sixty candles.
Narrator 9  Lunga and Madoda stood next to her and ...1 - 2 - 3 (The cast sing Happy Birthday to grandmother. She blows the candles – Lunga and Madoda assist her.)
Narrator 1         Madoda was about to faint when grandma gave him the first slice of cake. He was as happy as ...
Madoda   Yoh! Waiting is harrrrrrrd, but when the right time comes – hmmmmmmm
Mother    Well done Madoda ...Well done (The cast applaud Madoda and then bow for curtain call.)

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