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Trust - The Tiger’s Whisker - Story

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Trust - The Tiger’s Whisker - Story
« on: May 09, 2016, 07:53:08 PM »
Once there was a daughter who would not speak to her mother following a bad argument. In desperation, the mother went to visit the Wise Woman for advice. “I try every day to talk with my daughter but she won't speak to me, not a single word,” she told the wise old woman.
The Wise Woman stroked her beard. “Go to the top of the mountain and bring me a whisker from the big tiger who lives there,” she said. So the mother packed a sack full of meat and climbed the mountain. She found the cave where the tiger lived and threw a piece of meat on the ground. She then hid behind a bush. In time, the tiger came out, padded over to the meat, sniffed it and then ate it before returning to his cave. The next day the mother threw the meat a little closer to the cave only this time, when the tiger came to the meat, she stuck her head up over the bush, just a little. On the third day, the mother left the meat even closer to the cave and when the tiger came out to eat she stepped out in full view. Finally, on the fourth day, the mother stood in the entrance to the cave holding the meat in her hands. The tiger approached and started to eat the meat from her hands. As the tiger ate, the mother plucked a whisker from the tiger's  face and carefully put it into her pocket. When the tiger had finished eating the mother ran down the mountain to the Wise Woman.

“Here's the whisker,” she panted.

The Wise Woman took the whisker and threw it onto the fire.

“Why did you do that?” asked the mother.
“It took great skill and patience to get that whisker,” replied the Wise Woman.
“Now use those same skills at home with your daughter.”
The mother thought about the words of the Wise Woman and returned home. She used silence and great, great skill and in time, mother and daughter were talking to each other again.

It takes time to build trust. Trust comes from our actions, and not from what we say.
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