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100 Things You Should Do By Age 11 - According to the TES

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100 Things You Should Do By Age 11 - According to the TES
« on: July 23, 2016, 03:46:27 PM »
TES surveyed 2,500 primary children – from across the maintained, independent and alternative provision sectors – to find out what they believe every child should have done at school before the age of 11.

Have they missed anything out?

Call a teacher mum or dad
Make good friends
Tell the teacher to "chill out"
Get covered in paint/mud/chalk
Laugh hysterically when someone farts
Take part in a school production
Have a water fight
Go swimming
Be made to sit next to your enemy
Forget your homework
Have a nickname
Do something silly and realise a teacher is standing behind you
Laugh so much that drink comes out through your nose
Throw a paper plane
Fall out with a friend
Take part in a sports tournament
Draw a face on a rubber
Go on a school trip
Get a certificate
Get told off
Experience other schools
Learn how to get on with everyone
Invent something
Make a fool out of yourself/embarrass yourself more than once
Work with children from older year groups
Grow some flowers or vegetables
Fall off your chair when you swing on it
Learn to feel confident in front of your class
Be a leader of a group
Feel like you can trust someone
Raise money for charity
Have a party in school
Run a stall at a fair
Teach part of a lesson to your class
Make a best friend
Take part in outdoor learning
Forget you have homework until the day before it’s due
Deal with a difficult situation
Watch a film in class
Have a pyjama day
Take part in a class assembly
Tell a joke
Ride a bike and take cycling proficiency
Pretend to be the teacher
Have a huff and get in a mood
Be in the local newspaper
Kick the ball over a wall
Fail so that you can improve on your mistakes
Feel happy and safe
Eat school chips
Have a class pet
Go to an after-school club
Play "Heads Down Thumbs Up"
Find out that you are good at something
Find out about different cultures
Be caring
Discover your favourite author
Take part in a special event
Attend a school disco
Create an exploding volcano
Be part of a team
Be inspired by a teacher
Have a play day
Make a card for a special person
Fall asleep in a lesson
Call a male teacher "Miss"
Run round a corridor corner only to smash into a teacher
Lose an item of clothing that does not have your name stitched into it
Hatch chicks in an incubator
Get to see inside the headteacher’s office
Read a book on the grass on a sunny day
Be kind to someone who needs a friend
Run around in the rain
Play conkers
Make a daisy chain
Listen to a ghost story
Visit Santa in his grotto
Go pond dipping
Dress up for World Book Day
Try different types of food
Learn to skip
Learn basic first aid and how to dial 999
Film and edit a movie
Have a pen pal
Graze your knee in the playground
Eat your lunch in the rain on a school trip
Freak out when the fire alarm goes, secretly hoping it’s actually the real thing
Help younger pupils at school
Make up a dance routine in the playground
Have your parents come to visit the school
Get to spin on the teacher's chair
Be sick in the classroom
Laugh during sexual health lessons
Have a wasp in the classroom
Come into school with a new haircut
Forget to write your name on your work
Be sad to leave
Learn to look after yourself
Throw a custard pie at a teacher
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