AssemblyTube is a FREE website for Assembly Leaders who want to use video in their School Assemblies.
Each Assembly provided is focussed on a video

Assemblies are sorted to be suitable for  KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4

There is an Assembly Music section which is useful for starting or ending an Assembly.
In addition, Assemblies are linked to a calendar providing date related Assemblies for every day of the year.
Also there is a gallery of useful images to start or end your Assembly.

You can search AssemblyTube, and use the tags, to find Assemblies to meet your needs.

The site is aimed at:
•   Headteachers
•   Deputy Heads
•   Year Team Leaders
•   Anyone who leads a school Assembly.

The site is also useful for individual teachers who need to present ideas to their class or tutor group during registration sessions.

AssemblyTube is 100% FREE and open to guests, so no need to log in.
If you do register (FREE) you gain additional features.

AssemblyTube is run by qualified teachers who have many years experience of delivering School Assemblies.

It costs nothing to join or use AssemblyTube.
It is 100% free forever!

Just create a "new post" in the relevant section of AssemblyTube. Or, reply to a post.

Videos on AssemblyTube can be downloaded for free. Log in and use TubeSaver.

You cannot upload pictures at the moment.

Tags are a way of putting assemblies into categories. Each assembly has one or more tags.
Click on "Tags" in the menu, to see a list of tag words. The larger the tag word appears, the more assemblies there are with that tag.
Within an assembly, the tag words appear at the bottom of the posting. Click that tag and you will get a list of all other assemblies with that tag word.

AssemblyTube only has the data you supply on registration e.g. email address.
None of this data will be given to anyone else. Your registration data will be kept secure.

"My Messages" are personal messages that can be sent from one member to another.
You can decide whether you want to receive any messages from your "Profile" settings.

You can personalise AssemblyTube from your "Profile" area. Here you can choose an avatar to represent you. Try it. You can always change or remove the Avatar at any time.

Notepad is where you can keep personal notes. No-one else can see them. Not even "admin".

If you have lost your password to AssemblyTube, click on "Login" and then click "Forgot your password?".
Your password will be sent to you. If you don't receive it, check your email trash or spam folder.

On Twitter, AssemblyTube can be found at @AssemblyTube

Why not follow us and get the latest Assembly News.

You can get a quick look at AssemblyTube mobile by clicking on the "Mobile View" on the home page.

An avatar is a small picture that represents you.
In your profile area of AssemblyTube you can choose your avatar.
You can change it as often as you like. Express youself. Have a go!

If you cannot see any videos in AssemblyTube, the most likely explanation is that Youtube is being blocked by your network. Ask you network manager if this is the case, and then ask to be given access to Youtube.

If you are using an Ipad, you may find that in AssemblyTube you can see videos from Youtube, but not from Vimeo.
This is a problem caused by Ipads not allowing embedded Vimeo videos to play.
If you click on the link under the Vimeo video, you should go to the video on the Vimeo site, and be able to play the video.
Hopefully Apple and Vimeo will resolve this "feature" soon.

You "Like" an Assembly by clicking on the heart symbol at the top right of the post. Only members can see these hearts. This Assembly is then added to your personal list of Liked Assemblies. You can see these easily in the index pages because hearts will appear next to Assemblies you have liked.
You can sort Assemblies by "Likes" in the index pages if you want to see which Assemblies have the most "Likes".

More Details.
When you are logged into AssemblyTube as a member, you get a lot of extra buttons when you are viewing a post. (Guests do not see any of these buttons.)

One of these extras is the Likes button, which has a red heart in the top right corner of the post. It looks like this:  Like.

When you are browsing the sections of AssemblyTube, for example KS2 Video Assemblies, if you have "liked" an Assembly already, you will see a and it will look like this, to the right of the Assembly title. This is your personal "like". No-one else sees this. Each member sees their own personal list of likes.

This is a good way to identify which Assemblies you have already liked.
You can "un-like" any Assemblies if you change your mind about them.

If you want a way of listing your favourite Assemblies you can also use the Bookmarks System

Bookmarks allow you to create a list of your favourite Assemblies. Click on the Bookmarks Button below an Assembly idea. View your Bookmarks from the top menu. Only members can see the Bookmarks Buttons and create lists of favourite Assemblies.
"Likes" are also available to members. Each Assembly idea has a Likes button top right. Click on this and the idea is added to your Likes list. A small red heart icon appears next to the Assembly on the index page. Give it a try. You can "unlike" ideas if you change your mind over your favourites.

AssemblyTube has lots of Assembly ideas. This can make it difficult to get to what you want quickly.
Sorting can help.

Here's how to do it.

Go to the section you are interested in e.g. KS2 Video Assemblies.
Look at the header to the section and click on the white areas like this.

The Assemblies will sort into the order of the heading you clicked on.
The triangular arrows let you reverse the sort order.
Simple but effective.

Why not add details here to tell other members a little about you.

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Club Membership lasts for a year and as well as getting the existing downloads, you can download any new materials we add during the year.

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