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Human Rights - Your Tomorrow: Layla's Forced Marriage story

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Layla had a great childhood but as she became a teenager, her life grew more complicated.
Her parents tried to force her into a marriage.
Forced marriage has now been made illegal - if you're worried about forced marriage, contact ChildLine.

Tomorrow. Sometimes it’s here before today’s even begun.
Go here, read this, write that, be better...that’s better.
Tomorrow. It just happens and it’s easy to forget that it’s yours.
That’s the good bit – when YOU get to choose.
You might want to get married one day.
In an arranged marriage you get to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’…but what if you don’t have a say in your tomorrow?
If the decision’s been made for you?
If you’re being told when you marry, where you marry, who you marry?
That’s Forced Marriage, and it’s illegal.
If you’re being forced to marry, support and advice is available to help you make it stop.
Seeking help gives you control again so your tomorrow can still be your own…unless, of course, you’d like to share it.

For support and advice, whatever your situation, contact ChildLine.
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