Use an Interesting Image in Assembly. Click an image and try a slideshow. Right click an image and open in new tab, for a clean background.
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What are British Values? Which value do you associate with each of these images?
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Images to illuminate AssemblyTube Values Assemblies
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Can you see the extra meanings in these logos?
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A quote on an image to make you think.
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These are images which move in a fascinating way. Click an image to make it move. Sometimes you have to click on the "details" tab to see the full effect.
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Work by the street artist Banksy
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Can you spot what is going on in these images?
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By taking photos from unusual angles, you can often get a strange effect. Often amusing!
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Who can be first to spot all the differences? You are never too old to play this game (possibly)
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Rebus Puzzles. Can you solve the puzzle?
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Evolution has created some amazing animal disguises. Can you work out where the animals are in these photos?
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Images from nature.
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Do you know all your British Birds? There will be one or two here that might test even the expert ornithologist.
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We have some fascinating mammals in Britain. You don't often see them in the wild. How many have you seen?
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Bet you can't name all of these British Butterflies without cheating. Let us know if you can.
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You might think that an eye is an eye. But look at how many shapes and sizes they come in.
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There are some paintings that everyone should know about. We can't claim that all of them are here. However, how many can you name?
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AssemblyTube makes Teacher Badges at TeacherButtons.com

There are Badges, Whiteboard/Fridge Magnets, Handbag Mirrors, and Bottle Openers. All with messages that might appeal to teachers.

Great leaving, birthday, Christmas, or thank you gifts.
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Free images that you can use as backgrounds to your PowerPoint Presentations.
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