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Stories & Plays / Democracy - Values Story
« Last post by Sara on October 07, 2023, 04:13:13 PM »
Once upon a time, in the colourful town of Harmonyville, there lived a group of animals. Harmonyville was a special place where every creature, big and small, had a voice in making decisions for their community. This was called "democracy."

One sunny day, the animals gathered at the grand meadow for their monthly meeting. They discussed important matters like building a new playground, choosing a town motto, and organizing a grand festival. Each animal had a chance to share their ideas and thoughts.

The wise old owl, Oliver, suggested building the playground near the river so everyone could enjoy the cool breeze. The mischievous squirrel, Sammy, proposed a motto, "Harmonyville: Where Every Paw Matters!" The creative rabbit, Rosie, had ideas for games and decorations for the upcoming festival.

After listening to everyone's ideas, they voted on the proposals. The majority ruled, and the decisions were made. The playground was built by the river, the motto was chosen, and the festival plans were set in motion.

In Harmonyville, democracy meant that everyone had a say, and they worked together to make their town a better place. The animals learned that by listening to one another and voting, they could achieve great things and live harmoniously. And so, they continued to cherish their unique form of government, teaching their young ones the importance of democracy in their colourful town.
Stories & Plays / Creativity - Values Story
« Last post by Sara on October 06, 2023, 09:31:25 AM »
Once upon a time, in the colorful town of Imaginationville, there lived a young boy named Leo. Leo was known throughout the town for his boundless creativity. His mind was a treasure chest of ideas waiting to burst open.

One sunny morning, Leo's school announced a special assembly about creativity. Leo was ecstatic! He decided to create something truly unique for the occasion. He spent days gathering recycled materials - old cardboard boxes, broken toys, and colorful scraps of paper. With his trusty glue, scissors, and paint, he transformed these ordinary items into a magnificent, life-sized dragon.

Leo's dragon was a masterpiece, with sparkling eyes made from marbles and scales that shimmered in the light. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. When the assembly day arrived, Leo proudly displayed his creation.

As he talked about his creative process, the dragon seemed to come alive. It flapped its wings, blinked its marbles eyes, and even roared with a rumble of cardboard thunder. The entire assembly was captivated.

Leo's story reminded everyone that creativity wasn't about having the fanciest materials; it was about using your imagination to breathe life into the ordinary. Imaginationville celebrated Leo's creativity, and from that day forward, the town embraced the magic of turning everyday things into extraordinary wonders.
Stories & Plays / Community - Values Story
« Last post by Sara on October 06, 2023, 09:27:27 AM »
Once upon a time in the colorful town of Harmonyville, there lived a young girl named Lily. Lily had a special gift; she could make music with anything she touched. Every morning, she would sing a song and the sun would rise, and every night, her lullabies would put the moon to sleep.

One sunny day, Lily decided to share her gift with the entire community. She invited her friends and neighbors to the park. The townsfolk gathered, curious about her plan. Lily stood in the center of the park, touched a tree, and music filled the air. Birds started to sing along, and flowers swayed to the rhythm.

As Lily continued, something magical happened. People from different parts of Harmonyville, who had never met before, began to dance together. Strangers became friends, and the once-divided community became united through the power of music and dance.

From that day on, the people of Harmonyville held regular gatherings to make music, dance, and celebrate their diverse talents and backgrounds. They realized that their differences were what made their community strong and beautiful. Harmonyville became a place where everyone felt like they truly belonged.

And so, the story of Lily and her magical gift reminded the children of Harmonyville that their community was a harmonious tapestry woven from the unique threads of its people, and that together, they could create something truly magical.
Stories & Plays / Cooperation - Values Story
« Last post by Sara on October 06, 2023, 09:25:27 AM »
Once upon a time, in a small forest, there lived four very different animals: Remy the rabbit, Sammy the squirrel, Benny the badger, and Tina the turtle. Each had their own special skills and unique abilities, but they hardly ever got along.

One sunny morning, the forest faced a great challenge. A massive storm had knocked down a towering tree, blocking the path to their beloved Berryville, where they all loved to gather delicious berries.

Remy was quick but weak, Sammy was agile but small, Benny was strong but slow, and Tina was steady but cautious. Alone, they couldn't move the tree. Frustration filled the air until Remy had an idea. He suggested that they combine their strengths.

Remy used his speed to find the perfect angle, Sammy scurried up to provide balance, Benny lent his powerful push, and Tina anchored them all with her strong shell. Together, they managed to move the tree, and the path to Berryville was clear once more.

As they all feasted on berries, they realized that they were the perfect team when they cooperated. From that day on, they learned the true power of working together, and the forest flourished with their newfound unity. The lesson of cooperation was shared with all the forest animals, proving that when different talents come together, great things can be achieved.
Stories & Plays / Courage - Values Story
« Last post by Sara on October 06, 2023, 09:23:21 AM »
Once upon a time, in a quiet little village nestled between rolling hills, lived a young girl named Lily. She was known far and wide for her fiery red hair and her sparkling green eyes, but what set her apart was her incredible courage.

One sunny morning, a fierce dragon named Drako descended upon the village. His roar echoed through the streets, sending villagers scurrying in fear. But not Lily. She stepped forward, her heart pounding like a drum, and held out her hand. To everyone's amazement, Drako lowered his head, and with a gentle nuzzle, he revealed a thorn stuck in his paw.

Lily, with her small, trembling hands, carefully removed the thorn. Drako's eyes softened, and a tear of gratitude glistened in his eye. He spread his wings, soaring into the sky, leaving the village in peace.

Lily's act of courage taught the villagers a valuable lesson – that courage was not just about facing danger with bravery, but also about showing kindness when it was needed most. From that day forward, the village celebrated Lily's courage and kindness, and they all learned that even the fiercest dragons can be tamed with a little bit of courage and a lot of love.
Stories & Plays / Appreciation - Values Story
« Last post by Sara on October 06, 2023, 09:20:35 AM »
Once upon a time in the bustling town of Harmonyville, there lived a group of talking animals. They were a diverse bunch, including Sammy the squirrel, Lila the rabbit, and Benny the bear. Despite their differences, they were the best of friends.

One sunny morning, as they gathered in the beautiful meadow for their weekly assembly, Sammy had a special announcement to make. "Listen up, friends!" he chirped excitedly. "Today, I want us to talk about appreciation."

Curious eyes turned toward Sammy. "What's appreciation?" asked Lila.

Sammy explained, "Appreciation means showing gratitude and recognizing the good things around us. It's about saying 'thank you' for the little and big things that make our lives better."

The animals nodded in understanding, and Benny added, "I appreciate how Lila always shares her delicious carrot cakes with me!"

Lila blushed and said, "I appreciate how Sammy collects acorns for me to decorate my burrow."

One by one, they shared their appreciation for each other's unique qualities and kindness. As they did, a warm feeling of happiness filled the meadow. Their appreciation for one another made their friendship even stronger, and they knew that gratitude was a precious gift they could give every day.

And so, in the town of Harmonyville, the talking animals learned that by appreciating each other, they made their world a brighter and happier place, one thankful heart at a time.
Latest Ideas / Should Mobile Phones Be Banned in Schools?
« Last post by Sara on October 04, 2023, 09:30:01 AM »
Will your school be banning in school use of mobile phones for students?

Are you for banning or against?

Let us know what you think.

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Latest Ideas / How to Achieve an Effective School Assembly
« Last post by Sara on October 02, 2023, 04:44:55 PM »
An effective school assembly can be achieved through careful planning and execution. Here are the top three factors that contribute to creating an effective school assembly:

1. Purpose and Relevance:
   - The assembly should have a clear and meaningful purpose, whether it's to educate, inspire, motivate, celebrate achievements, or address important issues. Ensure that the chosen theme or topic is relevant and meaningful to the students and aligns with the school's educational goals.
   - Consider the age, interests, and cultural backgrounds of the students when determining the content of the assembly to ensure it resonates with the audience.

2. Engaging Presentation:
   - Engaging and dynamic presentation techniques are essential to capture the students' attention and maintain their interest throughout the assembly. This includes using multimedia, props, music, videos, or guest speakers to make the content more engaging and interactive.
   - Encourage student participation through activities, discussions, or interactive elements that allow them to connect with the material on a personal level.
   - Incorporate a variety of visual and auditory stimuli to cater to different learning styles and keep the assembly visually stimulating.

3. Organization and Logistics:
   - Effective planning and organization are crucial to the success of a school assembly. Ensure that the assembly runs smoothly by scheduling it at a convenient time and communicating the details well in advance to students, teachers, and staff.
   - Allocate sufficient time for setup, sound checks, and rehearsals to minimize technical glitches and ensure a polished presentation.
   - Have a clear and efficient plan for seating arrangements, audience management, and transitions between different segments of the assembly.
   - Assign roles and responsibilities to staff members or student leaders to help with coordination and execution.

By prioritizing these factors, schools can create assemblies that not only engage and inspire students but also contribute to a positive and enriching educational experience.

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Values Video Starters / Re: Values Starter Videos Compilation
« Last post by Sara on October 02, 2023, 03:38:47 AM »
We have now added some even shorter values starter prompt videos.

We have begun with Appreciation, but plan to add more values if members find them of use.
Values Video Starters / Values Shorts Playlist
« Last post by Sara on October 01, 2023, 03:58:00 PM »
You can also see these videos in a display layout.

To see more videos CLICK ☰ below

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