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Title: Bundled Assembly Downloads
Post by: Sara on September 05, 2019, 11:47:36 PM
To help Club Members ( find Club Assembly Downloads ( more easily we have started grouping Assembly PowerPoints into BUNDLES.

For example, all our Values Assemblies PowerPoints (;id=295) have been placed in one bundle. Everything in a bundle is also available as separate files for download if you prefer that.

Advantage of This
The advantage of this is that you can get a lot of Assemblies on a particular theme, with one click.

Disadvantage of This
The disadvantage is that the Assemblies have been placed into a zip file which you have to unzip before you can use the Assemblies. In addition you need to use a password for the unzipping to begin. The password is included on the download page where you download a bundle.

Are Bundles Useful?
If you are not comfortable with unzipping files and using a password, we recommend that you do not use the bundles, but just locate the individual Assembly and download that. No unzipping or password is required for individual Assembly downloads.

If you are comfortable with unzipping files, the bundles can save you time and help you keep your downloads organised.

Not a Club Member but Want Downloads

If you are not a Club Member but do want to download our Assemblies, some of our downloads are available on the main AssemblyTube site here (
There are only a few downloads here, but some are free, so you can try out our downloads without paying anything.
If you want access to all of our downloads you need to become a Club Member and then you can download everything from the database (

If you are likely to want several downloads, becoming a Club Member will save you a lot of money over buying Assemblies individually.